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A brief introduction about me....

I was born and raised in India, and have been dabbling in art ever since I remember.
My early works were primarily in pencil, and gifting portraits to my friends and family was a favorite hobby.

My horizons expanded widely after I came across photorealistic drawings and paintings from the likes of J D Hillberry and renowned Indian Artist Vijendra Sharma. These two remain the biggest influence and inspiration for me till date.

I'm also an IT professional, and moved to USA in 2006 for work. I continued to improve my skills by attending workshops and watching tutorials in my spare time. In 2011, I joined Chris DiDomizio's Art Studio in Atlanta, GA. Chris is a classically trained artist and an excellent teacher. I'm forever grateful to him for equipping me with the tools necessary to bring my artistic visions to life.

I want my paintings to always carry a message of hope and joy, and purposefully stay away from dark subjects. Even if I need to portray say, stormy clouds - for aesthetic reasons or because the subject calls for it, you will always find a glimmer of silver lining, a parting of clouds for sun to peak through - a reminder that no mater how fierce a storm may be, there is always a clearing. Winter always turns to spring. 

For me, Art is journey of personal improvement. I hope my journey is able to inspire others, bridge cultural gaps and bring people closer towards creating a more joyful world.

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- Patron member of Portrait Society of America

- Member of Southeastern Pastel Society

- Member of Alpha Arts Guild

- Member of Dunwoody Fine Arts Association

Significant Exhibitions

- 2020: Portrait Society of Atlanta 2020 Spring Member's Only Competition

- 2019: Portrait Society of Atlanta 2019 Fall Member's Only Competition

- 2018: SouthEastern Pastel Society 2018 Online Member's Only Competition

- 2018: Alpha Arts Guild Holidays Small Artworks Show

- 2017: Alpha Arts Guild Holidays Small Artworks Show

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