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Hello, and thank you for stopping by,

A brief introduction about me....

I was born and raised in India, and have been dabbling in art ever since I remember.
My early works were primarily in pencil, and gifting portraits to my friends and family was a favorite hobby.

My horizons expanded widely after I came across photorealistic drawings and paintings from the likes of J D Hillberry and renowned Indian Artist Vijendra Sharma. These two remain the biggest influence and inspiration for me till date.

I started my career as an IT professional and moved to USA in 2006 for work. I continued to improve my skills by attending workshops and watching tutorials in my spare time. In 2011, I joined Chris DiDomizio's Art Studio in Atlanta, GA. Chris is a classically trained artist and an excellent teacher. I'm forever grateful to him for equipping me with the tools necessary to bring my artistic visions to life.

I am drawn to the beauty of nature and love to depict the magnificence of life. I strive to carry a message of hope and joy through my work. Even if I need to portray say, stormy clouds - for aesthetic reasons or because the subject calls for it, you will always find a glimmer of silver lining, a parting of clouds for sun to peak through - a reminder that no matter how fierce a storm may be, there is always a clearing. Winter always turns to spring. 

For me, Art is journey of personal improvement. I hope my journey is able to inspire others, bridge cultural gaps and bring people closer towards creating a more joyful world.

If you enjoy my work, I invite you to subscribe to my blog or my social media channels, and follow along in my artistic journey. 



- Patron member of Portrait Society of America

- Member of Portrait Society of Atlanta

- Member of Southeastern Pastel Society

- Member of Alpha Arts Guild

- Member of Dunwoody Fine Arts Association

Significant Exhibitions & Awards

- 2021: Face It - Portrait Exhibition at Alpharetta Arts Center

- 2021: Alpharetta Plein Air Invitational;  novice category: First Prize

- 2020: Duluth City Plein Air Competition: participant

- 2020: Portrait Society of Atlanta 2020 Spring Member's Only Competition

- 2019: Portrait Society of Atlanta 2019 Fall Member's Only Competition

- 2018: SouthEastern Pastel Society 2018 Online Member's Only Competition

- 2018: Alpha Arts Guild Holidays Small Artworks Show

- 2017: Alpha Arts Guild Holidays Small Artworks Show

Art Shows

- 2020: Solo Art Booth at Holiday Market, Alpharetta Downtown

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