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Abstract v/s Representational Art

Are you an abstract artist? Or a representational artist? Perhaps a realist artist? Or maybe you are into impressionism? Perhaps you are an Art Collector....

No matter what your relation to "art" world, I'm sure you have encountered the multi-million dollar debate on Abstract v/s Representational Art!

Is one better than the other?

Is one easier than the other?

Is one more valuable than the other?

...and so on.

It appears to me that artists typically fall into one camp or the other, and each side has a grievance of their own. Abstract artists often feel slighted that they are not valued as "real" artists, while representational artists often feel let down that their art doesn't isn't prized as much in commercial markets.

Is one really more deserving than the other?

To me, abstract and representational are really two sides of the same coin. They function to create beauty and connect humanity across of time, space and culture. It is like music and lyrics that "together" create a beautiful song. Some people like to immerse themselves in musical notes without the distraction of lyrics, while some people need the lyrics to provide context and feel the soul of the song. ....and so it is with visual art as well!

So which one is really more laudable?

The answer really depends on the viewer. As my mentor Daisaku Ikeda says "To enjoy art to the fullest, you must abandon preconceived notions, leaving a blank slate. Then confront the work directly with your entire being. If you are deeply moved, then that work is, for you, a great work of art"

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! let me know in comments below what are your thoughts on the topic. And before you move away, I'd love for you to take away this gem with you.....

- Daisaku Ikeda.


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