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3 Tips for Hanging Artwork at Home

Updated: May 19, 2020

So, you are a proud owner of a gorgeous Artwork and wondering how to display it?

Whether you created the artwork yourself or got it from your favorite Artist, check out my 3 tips on how to hang the Artwork for maximum impact....

Oil Studies in Blue and Orange by Monika Gupta
Studies in Oil by Monika Gupta

1. Consider the color theme of room and that of artwork, when identifying the best place to hang. Most collectors like to harmonize the two, although nothing stops you from adopting a bold style and going for the 'contrast' look! Note that you can also tweak the look of the Artwork in a room by changing the color of frame or of the mar (if the artwork is matted). If it suits your style, go for it!

2. Hang Artwork at eye level. If you pretend that the wall is divided into 4 horizontal sections, then hang artwork in 2nd section from top. If you need to hang multiple artworks of different sizes on the same wall, then you can line up their top OR the bottom OR the center. That way, the sizes will complement each other and look pleasing.

3. Cut out a piece of brown paper or rag paper in same size as the Artwork. Stick (or tape) this paper on the wall where you're considering hanging the Artwork. Now step back and see if the location needs any adjustment. Check out the hanging mechanism at the back of artwork, and measure its distance from the corners of the frame. Nail (or if you're using a push ping to hang a small size artwork, then push the pin in) into the wall, at the same distance from corners of your brown/rag paper. Now you can remove the paper, and confidently hang the Artwork. It will be Perfect!

What other tips have you found handy? Send me in comments below


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