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Interesting Facts from the Art World

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Did you know........

1. The first pencil was invented in 1564 in England, after a large deposit of Graphite was discovered there

2. It took Leonardo Da Vinci a total of 7 years to paint Mona Lisa.

3. The first Art Museum in the world was opened in 1683 at the University of Oxford. The museum was founded in 1677 from the personal collection of a wealthy individual.

4. The modern soft white bread makes an excellent eraser for pencil marks. Try it!

5. Vincent Van Gogh had no formal training in Art. He painted almost 900 paintings in a span of 10 years, but sold ONLY 1 while he was alive.

6. The difference between a Cotton Canvas and the regular Denim used for jeans, is the ‘Weave’ of the fabric.

7. The Color Wheel used by Artists was invented by renowned mathematician Sir Isaac Newton while studying light reflecting off prisms.

8. The human eye can discern about 10 million colors in a given viewing condition (light, surface etc), though it has only 3 color receptors – Red, Green and Blue

9. The world’s oldest known Oil Paintings were discovered in 2008 in a maze of caves in Afghanistan. The paintings are believed to have been created in mid-seventh century A.D.

And I save the best for the last……..

10. In 2007, a Bristol couple had trouble selling their house due to graffiti on the side of their house. When they found out that the mural was painted by the graffiti artist Banksy, they decided to sell the painting with the house thrown in free. They received twice the asking price


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